Frans 100% Columbian Coffee

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History Of Coffee

In Colombia Historical data indicates that the Jesuits brought coffee seeds to South America with them circa 1730. Tradition says that the coffee seeds were brought by a traveler from Guyana who passed through Venezuela before reaching Colombia. The oldest written testimony of the presence of coffee in Colombia is attributed to a Jesuit priest, José.

Colombian coffee is often regarded as some of the highest quality coffee in the world. Colombia has traditionally grown arabica beans and its unique geography makes it perfectly suited for producing a delicious, high quality product. Colombia's excellent growing conditions have paired with an aggressive marketing campaign by the National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC), which has worked since the late 1950's to bring Colombia's coffee sector to the forefront of international attention. Colombia has traditionally been second in global coffee production only to Brazil.

Product Category: Roast & Ground Coffee

Division: Hot Beverages

Brand: Frans Finest 100% Colombian Coffee

Product Description: Frans Finest Coffee is a premium, regular yield coffee that satisfies the taste of the most discriminating coffee drinkers.

Pack: 84

Size: 1.5 oz.

Package Yield: 84

Product Type: Frans Finest Coffee is Kosher Certified

Product Characteristics: Frans Finest Coffee is 100% Colombian Coffee

Frans Finest Coffee is a premium, regular yield ground coffee that is made with 100% Colombian Beans / Juan Valdez Certified to satisfy the taste of the most discriminating coffee drinkers.

Operator Benefits: Frans Finest is a recognized consumer brand through the Colombian Coffee Federation, and making this a more profitable brand.