100% Arabica Whole Bean Yuban Decaffeinated Coffee

SKU: 303309

UPC: 00430008843000
Product Name: Decaffeinated Coffee Whole Bean
Product Category: Coffee Beans
Division: Beverages
Brand: YUBAN
Product Description: YUBAN is a premium, regular yield coffee that satisfies the taste of the most discriminating coffee drinkers.
Pack: 6
Size: 2 lbs.
Package Format: bag
Product Yield: varies
Servings per Case: varies
Product Type: Decaffeinated
Kosher - CircleK
Product Characteristics & Features: YUBAN is SUPER ROAST Coffee specially roasted using General Foods' isothermal roasting process.
YUBAN Coffee is kosher certified.
YUBAN Coffee is made with a special roasting process that exudes delicious flavor yet yields more coffee per pound.
Equipment Needs: Brewer
Operator Benefits: YUBAN is a recognized consumer brand, and patrons are willing to pay more for name brands.
YUBAN Naturally Decaffeinated Coffee broadens your customer appeal and profit opportunities.
YUBAN's special roasting process puffs up the "flavor pockets" in the coffee beans so that more flavor is available in each pound of coffee.
YUBAN'S special roasting process allows operators to use less coffee per brew.