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Luzianne Tea

3 Gallon Concentrate Sweet SKU: 53390
3 Gallon Concentrate Un-Sweet    SKU: 53391

The Fast & Efficient Way to Serve Authentic Southern Iced Tea

Luzianne Brewed Iced Tea–On Demand is the easy way to give your customers that authentic Southern iced tea they crave and expect, but with less time, labor or waste. Our Brewed Iced Tea 64 oz. bottle and Bag-In-Box technology options enable you to serve more than one flavor from a single urn. Plus, the 64 oz. bottle gives the added freedom to mix as little as one gallon at a time.

Here are more great reasons why Luzianne Brewed Iced Tea can be right for you:

  • No lost sales due to waiting for tea to brew
  • Tea is always ready when your customers are
  • Can offer multiple flavors, any time
  • Less need for counter space
  • Avoid potential employee injuries due to transporting beverage containers
  • No leftover tea to throw away at the end of the day
  • No electricity costs
  • Real brewed tea—not made from powder
  • No Mess—No Fuss
  • Less shrinkage through employee theft