Hot Cocoa, Dispenser Pack

SKU: 312325

UPC: 00430008509300
Product Name: Hot Cocoa, Dispenser Pack
Product Category: Hot Chocolate
Division: Beverages
Brand: BAKER'S
Product Description: BAKER'S Hot Cocoa is a truly distinctive, rich and hearty hot cocoa beverage that appeals to all ages with a rich chocolate taste.
Pack: 12
Size: 2 lb.
Package Format: pouch
Product Yield: 384 6 oz.
Servings per Case: 4608 6 oz.
Product Type: Kosher - Pareve
Product Characteristics & Features: BAKER'S Hot Cocoa is a premium cocoa formulation with rich flavor and mouth feel.
BAKER'S Hot Cocoa is made from quality cocoa beans for a richer, more tempting chocolate color while delivering a true, full-bodied flavor.
The flavor and appearance of BAKER'S Hot Cocoa appeals to all ages with rich chocolate taste.
Hot chocolate is the second most popular hot beverage consumed during the winter season.
Product Preparation: Empty contents of bag into product container of hot cocoa dispenser. Set dispensing unit for 1 oz. throw.
Equipment Needs: Hot Chocolate Dispenser.
Operator Benefits: BAKER'S is a brand name trusted for quality and consistently rich taste.
Patrons will appreciate a rich and hearty hot cocoa beverage.
Menu Application: BAKER'S Hot Cocoa is delicious when garnished with whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg, cinnamon, or cloves. Also serve with KRAFT Marshmallows.